How to Tell If Gum Disease Is the Problem

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Have you or someone you know developed some symptoms that make you wonder if it is gum disease? To help you understand the condition better, we have a list of questions you can use to help you judge whether you, your friend or your loved one has contracted the disease.

1. Do the gums seem to be swollen?

2. Are the gums looking red instead of the usual pink?

3. Do the gums feel tender when they are touched?

4. Do your gums look like they are pulling away or receding from your teeth?

5. Do the teeth look and feel loose?

6. Are the teeth getting out of alignment and not matching up with each other like they are supposed to?

7. Does blood appear in your mouth whenever you brush or floss?

8. Is there a build-up of pus forming between your teeth and gums?

9. Do you have a bad taste or bad breath that will not go away despite your efforts?

If you, your friend or loved one answered yes to these questions, it is possible that gum disease is the cause. To get help for yourself, your friend or your loved one, you can come to Mountain Perio in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Our dentists, Drs. Shefter and Fertik, and our team have experience with the condition, and we have some treatments that can clear out the bacteria that cause the problem. You can call (828)-693-7533 to get some more information as well as set up an appointment with us.