Are There Hints of Gum Disease in Your Smile?

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Do you know the common signs of gum disease and what they might look like in your smile? Also called periodontal disease, gum disease is a common gum infection that typically results from a prolonged habit of poor oral hygiene practices. However, there are additional risk factors for gum disease, such as hormone changes, genetics, age, and bad health habits like tobacco use. We encourage you to be familiar with all symptoms of gum disease so that you can pursue periodontal treatment immediately if the need arises.

A big part of the prevention of gum disease is to check your mouth regularly for gum irritation and other negative developments. If gum disease is not detected and treated, its initial stage of gingivitis can progress into a destructive infection that results in tooth loss. Any changes in the look or feel of your gums should be reported to Mountain Perio as soon as possible.

You may first notice that your gum look red and swollen and bleed easily–all of which point to a significant concern involving the gum tissue. If your teeth start to look longer, it may be that your gums are pulling away from the teeth due to the effects of gum disease. Other telltale signs include loose, shifting teeth and chronic bad breath. It’s important to visit our dentist to discuss these symptoms and how they should be treated.

Dr. Glenn Shefter can provide customized periodontal treatment for gum disease in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Contact Mountain Perio at (828) 693-7533 today to arrange your consultation as soon as possible and protect your oral health.